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The Juggernaut Project’s mission is to help Democratic campaigns and progressive non-profits grow their opt-in email community of potential donors, activists, volunteers and voters who actually want to hear from them.

We have two models for helping our clients grow their email community:

Email-Sourced Acquisition

We send emails to our in-house lists to generate sign-ups for your email community.


Contact information provided with each lead includes first name, last name, email address and zip code, unless specified otherwise.

Our minimum agreement for email-sourced acquisition campaigns is 1,000 email opt-ins.
Offering Cost Per Acquisition

Facebook-Sourced Acquisition

We run micro-targeted, optimized digital advertising campaigns to generate sign-ups for your email community.


Under the dual opt-in model, the petition landing page specifies that by signing the petition individuals are joining your email community and ours.

Our full fee for dual opt-in campaigns is $100 per landing page per month. The rest of your ad budget goes directly to Facebook, helping get the most out of your acquisition campaign.

Our minimum agreement for Facebook-sourced acquisition campaigns is $1,500.
Offering Cost Per Acquisition

Petition and email copywriting, graphic design and landing page set-up and hosting are included free of charge under all of our email acquisition models. You are welcome to provide your own copy, creative and landing page if you prefer.

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